[2021]The Creatures of the Neo-Grotto

The    Creatures of the Neo-Grotto

날짜: 2021.11.1 – 2022. 5.1 

장소: The Wrong Biennale 

(온라인) https://thewrong.org/2021-22 


The first stage of the programme of events and exhibitions is the video cycle of the Wrong Biennale: the Wrong TV. Fractal Catastrophe was broadcasted on the Wrong TV channel during the 24 hours of air time dedicated to the Infexión Club Pavillion.

The second phase of Creatures of the Neo Grotto is the digital exhibition.

This exhibition includes more than 50 pieces from more than 30 artists. In order to accommodate them all, we have constructed an interconnected digital cave system;  - stalagmites and stalactites, emoji-anemones and axolotl gills, crystals and skin cells, creepy corners and gleaming caverns.     

The final phase of Creatures of the Neo Grotto is a programme broadcast on Mexico City community radio station Radio Nopal, to showcase sound art, music, ASMR and other auditory pieces related to the theme of the Neo Grotto.